How do I buy a Surfboard through Orphanboards?

Open an account at Orphanboards. Search the “Shop” page for a surfboard that you would like to purchase and contact the seller via a link on the site. From there, it’s up to you. You negotiate a price directly with the seller (We’re not Priceline). You arrange to meet the seller and officially “adopt” your new surfboard.

How do I sell a surfboard on Orphanboards?

Open an account at Orphanboards. Post your board to the website. If someone is interested in your surfboard, you will get an email notice. Then, you and the buyer negotiate a deal and develop a plan to meet.

How much will a surfboard cost on

The price is entirely up to you and the seller. Orphanboards does not get involved in the negotiations any more than Craigslist tells buyers and sellers what the price of a lava lamp should be. Haggling is part of the fun.

Are there any additional fees involved with the purchase of a surfboard on Orphanboards?

No, there are no additional fees charged by Orphanboards. Orphanboards will not charge you a finder’s fee.

Will Orphanboards use your information for purposes other than assisting you in finding a surfboard?

Yes, Orphanboards will use this information for the purpose of maintaining the website and finding businesses that are interested in your demographic.

What about quality control. Is there any?

Orphanboards will monitor buyer/seller exchanges on our site. Orphanboards will promptly disable accounts that are abused. Orphanboards does not pre-qualify sellers.

What can I do if I am scammed by an unscrupulous seller?

Orphanboards is not responsible. We recommend that buyers meet with sellers in a public location and inspect the surfboard they plan to purchase before part with their hard-earned money. Whenever possible, deal locally and meet the buyer or seller face-to-face. Follow this one rule and you will avoid 99% of scams.

Here are some additional tips to assist with safe transactions:

  • Do not extend payment to anyone you have not met in person.

  • Be cautious of offers involving shipping. We recommend that you deal with sellers locally.

  • Never wire funds (via Western Union or even a bank). Anyone who asks you to is a scammer.

  • Don’t accept cashier/certified checks or money orders. Banks cash fakes, then hold you responsible.

  • Transactions are between users only. No third party provides a “guarantee.” Trust but verify.

  • Never give out financial information (e.g., bank account number, social security digits, PayPal account email, etc.)

  • Do not rent or purchase products without first examining the product in person. The amazing “deal” you are offered may not exist.